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Bandora is an ordained Pagan interfaith minister, Doctor of Metaphysics and Divinity, psychic, healer, metaphysical teacher, certified paranormal investigator and lecturer living in Miami, FL.

When Helping Hurts

by Rev. Dr. Jessica Rivera

   It is fairly common for some people that experience paranormal phenomena to suffer from anxiety, depression and/or a spiritual crisis. This can present itself as being unable to sleep, having nightmares, lack of focus, paranoia and questioning your spiritual faith amongst many others.

   Dealing with paranormal related stress and trauma can be a tricky thing as an honest effort to assist can have horrible results. The usual approach of a referral to the nearest mental health practitioner is not always the best idea as many of these professionals aren't equipped with the specific tools to provide this special kind of assistance because a) they haven't been trained to treat this type of problem and b) oftentimes their own skepticism and opinions cloud their objectivity.

   As a result I've seen several otherwise well adjusted members of society being put on anti-depressants, or worse, anti-psychotic drugs by their psychiatrist because they didn't know how else to help the person when they were just experiencing paranormal phenomena.

   Also dangerous is when a concerned friend or family member tries to offer advice. Even though this help comes from a place filled with good intentions, don't forget that you're dealing with a fragile psyche and no situation is a one-size-fits all. Therefore, do not offer advice and keep your personal opinions to yourself.

   So what are you to do? Do not allow them to drown in their problem. Compassion, which oftentimes just means being there for the person, smiling, listening, understanding, giving a reassuring hug, is the most effective and safest medicine in this situation, no medical degree needed.

   The biggest help that you can offer is to listen, listen with an open mind and an open heart, that is what the person needs most. You don't need to diagnose or psychoanalyze them, just offer a channel to vent their frustration, venting is a route to clarity and the person will be in a better mental position after they've been able to express themselves to another human being that wasn't judgmental.

   This is not a cure-all approach but will assist the vast majority of people dealing with paranormal induced stress. Depending on the person's religion and said religion's individual views of the paranormal realm, a clergy member can provide great assistance. Do not hesitate to seek professional assistance if the person is showing signs of extreme depression or suicidal tendencies, in some extreme cases, the very drugs that we like to avoid can save somebody's life.