Alexandra Holzer:

Ambrosia has known life one way... until her twenty-first birthday. Something wicked is happening. A gigantic, leather bound book takes life with her dear friend and boss, Ms. Edna. Existing in a world unlike any other, Ambrosia is forging ahead to find answers. She will find her sole purpose in life becoming "Lady Ambrosia". Her main task is to save her new world 'Oceania'. There are those from earth past and those solely created from Oceania. Clevous surfaces wanting "the book" back. During the big battle, Lady Ambrosia minces with a galactic force and meets General Upeon. In the heart of this war comes Alec sent with deep loving eyes and tall stance knocking Lady Ambrosia off her wings. Continuing with the war a future vision arrives. The capture of Lady Ambrosia's heart, a new threat and the coming of the second evil with it's Territs.



Bill Metz:

As Lori went deeper into the halls of the prison she started feeling like something was wrong. Lori approached one of the cell blocks, and suddenly, she saw the cell doors opening. Lori stopped and took a deep breath, and before she continued down the hall, she looked into one of the cells, noticing an image of a man sitting on the bench in a corner. Lori slowly approached the man, and when he looked up at her, she stopped dead in her tracks... What she thought would be a fun weekend turns into a battle for their souls. Lori has to battle for her soul, as well as those of others she encounters along the way on her journey into the realm of the paranormal. Little does she know that the journey is just beginning, and it could get deadly!



Professor Hans Holzer:

On a cold wet night in November 1974, twenty-two-year old Ronald DeFeo woke from a disturbed sleep, got out of bed zombie-like, and took down his .35 caliber rifle. He then went from room to room in his suburban home and methodically killed his entire family.

Within minutes, his father, mother, eleven-and nine-year-old brothers, and thirteen- and eighteen-year-old sisters lay dead in their own blood. DeFeo telephoned the police, and calmly reported finding his family murdered upon returning home from work.

Forty hours later, DeFeo confessed to the killings. He was convinced of second-degree murder and sentenced to six consecutive terms of twenty-five years each--a total of 150 years in prison. Though he knows he did the shooting, he still does not know why.



Are you ready to make contact with loved ones on the other side? This is the first book in the modern marketplace to focus on practical, usable techniques for communicating with those who have moved on.

Whether you've been frustrated in the past by afterlife books that cite case studies but no usable methods, or are just now entering the world of paranormal communication, your search for proof is over. This book will help you make contact, and you don't have to be an electronics whiz or master of a secret occult discipline to succeed.

Catch elusive Electronic Voice Phenomena on tape. Capture phantom faces, both familiar and unfamiliar, on video tape. Even learn to speak with the dead using your mind alone.

Speak with the Dead will guide you to the most awe-inspiring experiences you'll ever have while still alive--to your own contact with deceased loved ones and other souls.

Speak with them. They're waiting.


Robbie Thomas:

To You From Spirit, is a daily uplifting love you book. It exemplifies the reason for living each day giving back to ones soul yet leaving the reader wanting much more for the next day. This good for your soul read is the very reason we all quest what we do each day and that is to live life fully to your potential lusting for another day in this respect. It is a very thought provoking read, allowing one to absorb the precious moments of interlude with oneself and spirit. It will grasp at ones heartstrings making all who read this book realize life is so much more in the day we live that the secret to life is just that, living it fully!




Troy Taylor:

Author, ghost researcher and American Ghost Society founder Troy Taylor returns once more to the field of paranormal investigation with the 10th Anniversary Edition of his bestselling guide to investigating ghosts and hauntings. With this new, updated edition of the Guidebook, Taylor has expanded on all of the original material from past volumes and has added new information on investigation techniques, detection equipment, spirit communication, cameras and photo analysis, historical research and more! This essential manual offers step-by-step methods for investigating homes, buildings and graveyards; authentic methods of taking and analyzing paranormal photos, video and Electronic Voice Phenomenal; real-life case files of ghostly activity; best uses for 35mm and digital cameras; spirit communications and ghost watches --- and just about anything else that a ghost hunter needs to know!


Wyatt Cox:

Spooklights is a fascinating and persuasive book that summarizes and documents years of field research into the Spooklights seen near Cloverdale, Alabama. Author Wyatt Cox has witnessed more than 180 Spooklights and maintains that powerful geophysical produced pockets of energy are responsible for the formation of these orbs.

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